Thursday, July 26, 2007

Updates are in Order

Well it's been awhile since I've updated here, but I have an extremely solid excuse.

I'm lazy.

Well actually, it's because I've been working all day every day, which makes me tired at the end of the day. This translates into laziness.

Anyways, since the last time I popped my head in here, the Cubs have been tearing it up. People are finally starting to notice that we've got a real good team here, and the Brewers have been sweating like crazy as we inch closer to that elusive division lead.

There was an article in the most recent Sports Illustrated that I can't seem to find online about the slogan that has been attached to this team recently: "It's Gonna Happen".

People seem to assume that "it" is winning the World Series, but no one knows for sure what the original holder of the sign meant. Perhaps someone on the other side of the stadium called him and asked if it was going to rain anytime soon. And then the person's cell phone died. So maybe this "it" is actually rain, and not a World Series win. Far fetched, yes, but I'd be a little more comfortable if people didn't start making postseason declarations this early in the game. We've had enough jinxes over the years as it is.

I'm leaving for the cold, desolate plains of Minnesota tomorrow, for the sole reason that I know people there who are related to me. Seeing as my grandparents live on a farm, updates will be unlikely unless I can find a Panera somewhere. At least this time I'll have a good excuse. Normal operations will hopefully resume on Wednesday.

EDIT: Found the slogan article.