Friday, April 11, 2008

Opening Day Predictions (Over a Week Later)

Somehow I've let my job get in the way of posting here at I promise to rectify this.

Anyway, here are my predictions for this coming season -- along with some notable predictions from last year:

Mark Prior Wins:

Last year: 15 (not even close)

This year: F*ck Mark Prior; put me down for 2.

Kerry Wood Pitches:

Last year: 15 (I actually wasn't too far off on this one)

This Year: However many it takes to get 40 saves, that seems like a good goal.

Barrett Punches Thrown:

Last Year: 2 (Does his fight with Zambrano count? Nailed it.)

This Year: F*ck Barrett too. Look for Zambrano to get his revenge in this category.

Lou Pinella Ejections:

Last Year: 7 (What did he get? 2? Maybe 3? Weak.)

This Year: 10 (Double digits guarantees us the pennant.)

Wins by the White Sox:

Last Year: 62 (73 is not that far off...)

This Year: 62 (still gunning for 100 losses in this category)