Friday, October 5, 2007

Now Might Be a Good Time to Start Panicking

I think the only way to describe last night's game would be horrific. Nothing went well for the Cubs, and they've fallen into an 0-2 hole that will be extremely hard to climb out of. Hopefully playoff baseball at Wrigley on Saturday will get them fired up, because I wasn't planning on going to the last game of the season. Tomorrow has the potential to be the most depressing Cubs gane I've ever been to.

I know this might be a bad time to ask, but did anyone get NLCS tickets? Because I didn't. And I still have a slight glimmer of hope that they will be of some use.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Aquafina Commercial featuring Lou Piniella

Alright here it is everybody, the commercial everyone is talking about. An intrepid reader emailed me with the information that the video was on the Aquafina website so I worked some computer magic to rip it off of there and upload it to a video site. Here you go.

Alright that's it for me tonight. Go Cubs.

Cubs NLDS Game 2 Live Blog not happening. I'm going over to a friend's place to watch the game, and this friend still has dial-up internet. And he might live with his parents. So no mid-game updates for me. Basically every Cubs related blogger on the planet is live blogging these games, so I'm sure you'll have no problems finding a replacement for me.

We've gotten a lot of traffic today from people who are searching for the Lou Piniella Aquafina commercial and whoever the guy was with the blinking Cubs light in the 9th inning. If you are one of those people, I am sorry but I do not have either of those for you. Yet. To anyone out there that does find the video for the commercial or whoever that guy was with the light, please let me know. For some reason I'm showing up high in the Google search results, and the people demand answers.

I'll be back late late tonight after the game with my thoughts for you all to read bright and early Friday morning. So until then, go Cubs.

EDIT: We have the video now. Look up.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cubs NLDS Game 1 Live Blog

Alright everyone, this is where the magic is happening. I'll be updating this with my thoughts on the game, and I'm expecting anyone reading this to chime in with some comments. Don't make me feel lonely people.

EDIT: Alright on second thought I take back what I said about Lou. He explained it well at the postgame conference, the bullpen has been solid and Zambrano is coming back on three days rest. Marmol has been lights-out all year so Lou was confident bringing him in. It's easy to second guess the decision now that we see how it turned out, but at the time it was probably a good choice. And we can't win games only scoring one run, it just isn't happening.

11:42 -- No Ron Darling, this game did not show how the DBacks managed to win 90 games. You do not win 90 games by having Lou Piniella manage like he's drunk. Unless Zambrano has a horrible unknown injury, that decision is unexcusable.

That's it for me tonight. I might be doing this again tomorrow, if I think I can handle the agony. All that excitement Cubs nation had about the playoffs? Gone.

11:38 -- "Help me Alfonso Soriano. You're our only hope."

11:33 -- There's a guy behind home plate with a flashing Cubs light. Yup, the umpire just caught him. At least someone is trying to win this game for us.

11:32 -- Wow, this is it. Ninth inning. We're screwed.

11:28 -- I vote that Bob Howry pitches every inning for the rest of these playoffs. You may think he doesn't have the stamina, but if people can run marathons I don't see why he can't pitch 36 innings in four days.

11:23 -- The superstitious part of me just gave in and I put on my Believe bracelet. Two of them actually. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

11:19 -- Why can't we get the ball over the wall? We've hit three balls to the warning track in recent memory, and they all fall short. The DBacks hit two fly balls and they go over the wall. I'm prepared to start making wild accusations about turning on the air conditioning to simulate wind blowing in at this point.

11:14 -- So the question on everyone's mind right now is, why the hell did Lou take out Zambrano? I know Marmol is supposed to be amazing and all that, but Big Z was on fire! If he was cramping up, give him a damn IV and tell him to drink some water, and if you're saving him for Game 4 then you are retarded Lou. We have to win a game before we even get a shot at a Game 4.

(I'm a little upset at this if you couldn't tell.)

11:09 -- This would be a really bad time for Marmol to tell everyone that he's not actually a wunderkid, he's just been getting really lucky all season. Now we're down by two. Lou, get a handle on your pitchers!

11:01 -- I'm considering stopping talking at this point. Carlos Marmol, you're fired.

10:59 -- It's Carlos time! Of the Marmol variety, that is. This kid is amazing, so much so that I kind of wish we were saving him for the closer role.

10:53 -- I guess Piniella is taking Zambrano out. Did no one remind him to drink water tonight? Seriously, how hard is that. You work hard, you get thirsty, you drink water. A two year old knows that.

10:50 -- I'm very impressed right now about how well Zambrano pulled it back together after that solo home run. Something like that would usually rattle him, but I think he's pitched even better since that happened.

We're tied at 1 after six innings, so let's take a page out of Zambrano's book and imagine this as a new game. We're tied, Soriano is leading off, and we've got three innings. Let's make something happen, because I can't stay up all night watching baseball.

10:40 -- Zambrano needs to make better choices on when to get hits. That double he got earlier? Would have been great right now. I guess I can't complain too much, at least we're not losing anymore.

10:38 -- START THE RIOT!!

10:36 -- Webb is starting to lose it. This just got really interesting.

10:34 -- Wow. Two men on base. I guess miracles do happen.

10:30 -- Uhhhh, anyone know why Aramis didn't run to first base on that strikeout? He just kinda looked at the catcher and thought "Well I could run, but then I might start to sweat and the ladies don't love that".

10:25 -- Brandon Webb gets a taste of his own medicine, Zambrano is fired up, and the heart of the order is coming up to bat. We need something big right about now.

10:22 -- Augie Ojeda is like an electric blanket? Who needs an electric blanket in October? Pansies.

10:19 -- Beautiful play by DeRosa. Derrek Lee wasn't kidding when he said Mark could be considered for the team's MVP.

10:16 -- Five straight innings we have gotten a baserunner on, and five straight innings we have scored nothing. Would it kill us to get two hits in an inning?

10:12 -- So whoever lubed up Reynolds' hands during the commercial break, I would like to buy you a beer.

10:08 -- Alright everyone...I was just about to say something about us not panicking, but that Aquafina commercial just blew my mind. Holy Crap. Lou Piniella is pure comedy gold. Somebody please throw that up on YouTube and send me the link.

10:04 -- That was NOT what I meant when things had to change.

10:02 -- Webb has thrown just 49 pitches through 4 innings. At this rate he'll be pitching a complete game shutout. Something has to change.

9:59 -- Webb just hit MarkyMark. This means WAR!

9:57 -- So Aramis didn't get the home run, but at least we know someone on the offensive side of this game is awake other than the pitcher.

9:52 -- Alright Zambrano is starting to lock it down. I think the big guy deserves some run support this inning.

9:46 -- DLee just watched two beatiful pitches go by and he left Zambrano standing all alone at second base. Something is not right here.

9:40 -- Zambrano! This guy wants to win this game singlehandedly.

9:37 -- Theriot and DeRosa team up for a beautiful double play, and Zambrano survives through another inning. If he can tighten up his control a bit this could be a long, low scoring game for both teams. Still 0-0 at the end of two.

9:33 -- Yes Dane Cook, there IS only one October. And you're ruining mine. Go back to describing common uncomfortable situations with ridiculous sound effects and leave my baseball alone, please.

9:30 -- Well that part of the inning didn't go that well. It's alright though, Big Z gets to lead off the third. I think Lou should seriously consider using him in the clean up spot one of these days.

9:27 -- DeRosa pulls through with the first Cubbie hit. Expect to see a full recap of the at-bat on his blog early tomorrow.

9:22 -- Thank you so much for that strike call Mr. Umpire. I wasn't sure if Zambrano was getting out of that inning with his sanity intact. At the end of one, we're still at 0-0.

9:16 -- Blanco could have thrown him out. When Big Z doesn't have a good start, things get scary.

9:12 -- Lee and Ramirez go down without incident after a Jock Jones walk. Not the best start to a game, but I hear this Brandon Webb guy is pretty decent. No worries...yet.

9:07 -- Annnnnd we're underway, with a paltry Soriano groundout.

9:02 -- Dick Stockton and Ron Darling? Really? This is all you can pull together to announce a playoff game?

Also, Henry Blanco is apparently not on the playoff roster. Geovany Soto has some big shoes to fill.

8:57 -- The game hasn't even started yet and they have to bring up the Zambrano-Barrett fight. We got rid of Barrett, problem solved, I don't know how that's even relevant.

Cubs Playoff Bonanza

Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for during the last four years. It's playoff time! Since I have nothing better to do and no reason to wake up early in the morning I'll be here live blogging the whole thing. Feel free to join me and give me crap in the comments, the more the merrier. Or you could add some actual useful commentary, that would be a pleasant surprise. See you at 9 PM.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mark DeRosa Wants My Job

Famous people writing in blogs is nothing new. Gilbert Arenas has a very popular one, Mark Cuban has one that makes me hate rich middle aged men who can't dance, and I have one. No, I'm not exactly famous, but if you're reading this then at least you know who I am.

Ever wished that a Cubs player had a blog though? Well call me Robin Williams, because here you go.

"I'll be wearing my regular road pants. They've been sewn up [after getting ripped in the seat] and they'll be worn tomorrow and throughout the course of the postseason."

Ohhhh MarkyMark. Some things we just didn't really need to know. With all honesty though, it's a good read and I'm excited that he's writing it. And he's getting paid more than me, so more power to him.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Unemployed Cubs Fans of the World UNITE!

In case you didn't already know, today was "Rally Monday". At noon today, 20,000 excited and presumably jobless Cubs fans converged at Daley Plaza to celebrate the fact that our team had the least amount of losses in a terrible division this year. But I'm just bitter because I have things to do during the day and can't drop everything at noon to party with Billy Williams. Trust me I wanted to, but it could not be done.

Apparently Rally Monday is a tradition started by Major League Baseball in the past few years, and we just never knew about it because we haven't made the playoffs since 2003, and nobody cares about the White Sox. You can read the official account of the proceedings here, and I tried to find an unbiased view of the events but I couldn't find any Cubs bloggers that went and wrote about. Sorry.

The schedule for the first round of the playoffs finally came out yesterday and one thing is certainly clear: If you do not have cable or have to work in the morning, MLB does not wish you to watch playoff baseball.

Gm 1 CHC @ ARI Wed Oct. 3 10 pm TBS
Gm 2 CHC @ ARI Thu Oct. 4 10 pm TBS
Gm 3 ARI @ CHC Sat Oct. 6 6 pm TBS
Gm 4* ARI @ CHC Sun Oct. 7 1 pm TNT
Gm 5* CHC @ ARI Tue Oct. 9 10 pm TBS

Sadly, my parents fall under both of these categories. I have not asked them their opinions yet, but my mom always liked Santo better anyways so I'm sure she'll cope. TBS does realize that the Braves didn't make it this year, right?

NLCS tickets go on sale Thursday morning at 10 AM. I will be online with at least 50 windows open, maybe 100 since 50 only got me one ticket for this series. So here's the deal: If you found out about tickets going on sale from here and you manage to get one, help me out. I'll do pretty much anything to go to an NLCS game, assuming we make it.

Cubs playoff baseball is two days away. Can you feel it yet? Eamus Catuli.